More than 96% of Iranian plains are banned or critically banned

More than 96% of Iranian plains are banned or critically banned
There are three types of free, banned, and critical banned plains, that unfortunately, few plains in Iran are free. In other words, more than 96 percent of the plains in Iran are banned and critical banned. The Varamin plain of Tehran province is critical banned.

The water depths of the wells in Varamin plain have reached to 300 meters, which means that Varamin plain is constantly falling. This plain is one of the main agricultural regions in Iran, and due to the population growth over the years there is more pressure on the groundwater tables that causes some problems. The Iranian Ministry of Energy intends to transfer the wastewater produced from Tehran city by two channels to the Varamin plain in order to confronting the subsidence of the Varamin plain with the aim of compensating groundwater fall.

It is important to note that there is an annual 150 million cubic meters groundwater fall in Tehran, which about 80 million cubic meters relates to Varamin plain and 40 million cubic meters relates to Tehran and Shahriar plains.

Sep 2, 2019 11:49


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